Vegan Baking Sans Butter & Eggs…

As posted earlier, I’m a big fan of chili.  Now that (I think) I have perfected the chili recipe, I began work today on modifying a wonderful cheese roll recipe I first discovered in Ecuador several years ago – Pan de Yuca.  These are extraordinarily delicious rolls made from butter, eggs, salt, baking powder, queso blanco (white cheese) and yuca or tapioca flour.  They. Are. Amazing, right out of the oven, and great with chili.  Much better, IMHO, than cornbread…

HOWEVER…eggs & cheese?  Uh, nope…so, what to do???

I did a little research and decided on Earth Balance vegan “butter”, agar powder mixed with warm water for the eggs, and half cashew – macadamia cheese I whipped up in the vitamix, combined with 1/2 vegan “mozzarella” shredded cheese.  I mixed everything according to the instructions and it seems to come out the same consistency as when I made it in my pre-vegan days.  Time to bake…

Here is what the recipe looks like after baking, using conventional ingredients:


Here are my vegan pan de yuca breads just out of the oven…I could have left them in for 30-45 seconds more, but they are really tasty all the same…



I’m going to try another batch with only macadamia – cashew cheese instead of the vegan shredded “mozzarella”.  I’m really trying to stay away from as much processed as I can, and the Earth Balance Vegan “Butter” is pushing it.  If successful, I’ll post the recipe…




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