The Kitchen will be shut down for a major overhaul…

When we bought The Last Home We Will Ever Own a couple years ago, we decided at the time that the c. 1975 original kitchen, complete with faux “pickled oak” linoleum counters and cabinets with sweet avocado accenting, all in pristine original condition, would suit us just fine.  And, it would have…

BUtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt (there frequently is one of those, right?)

Then, we decided to start a juice fast, which led to vegetarian, which led to vegan, which led to my getting back into cooking in a big way…


Our vintage kitchen had become inadequate for our needs…time to remodel…  Soooo, the cabinets were finally delivered, and the chaos starts on Monday, April 28th.  With any luck, we will only be sin cucina for two weeks.  Once done though, I will have the kitchen I have always talked about, but never got around to, for various reasons.

Induction range with convection oven?  Check.

36″ French Door Fridge with bottom freezer drawer?  Check.

Convection microwave over range?  Check.

Dishwasher that might actually clean well?  Check.

Extra deep 10″ 16 gauge stainless double sink with a pro quality pull out faucet?  Check.

Gimormous 48″ oval hammered steel pot rack hung from the rafters?  Check.

Granite countertops?  Check.

Starting Monday, there will be no cooking or juicing to speak of for at least 2 weeks.  I have been considering just how we will get by without:


1.  Going waaaaay off of our vegan lifestyle


2.  Breaking the bank in a big way.  I looked at having vegan meals prepared for pick up, and it is possible, for $250 per person per week.  That’s at least $1,000 for the two of us.  O-U-C-H!

Even eating out vegetarian will not be cheap….

Soooo, I think I will spend the rest of the week preparing enough vegan chili and lasagna to last us for 2 weeks.  Both recipes keep well, especially if you freeze them.  As for juicing, I will have to live with store bought juices from Whole Foods.  Not as good as home pressed, but they will do….

I think that once the new kitchen is done, it might be fun to have a “pop-up” dinner party…



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