Cucina No Mas…

I will miss our circa 1975 pristine, pickled oak with avocado trim, and fab domed fluorescent ceiling kitchen…it has serves us valiantly for the last couple of years…


That being said, no turning back now…


The demolition work started yesterday on our kitchen renovation.  I have mixed emotions,  I’m not a fan of remodeling, renewing or replacing anything, just for the sake of it.  I drive old, used cars.  They get me from point A to B.  They are inexpensive to acquire and there is no monthly payment.  There is no computer screen or docking port of any kind…thank god…  I buy used kitchen utensils.  It is amazing that people will insist on buying new Le Creuset pots and pans, when there are a boatload of gently used ones available on Ebay or Craigslist for a fraction of the price.  I buy used furniture from the likes of Roche Bobois, Dakota Jackson and Thayer Coggin, but for a fraction of retail.

Alas, our kitchen has outlived its usefulness.  To quote an unknown, but wise cook, “Having a well designed kitchen is not a matter of life and death…Its more important than that!”  The new kitchen will be our vision of what a kitchen should look like, how it should function and be equipped.  It is a deeply personal process, from deciding cabinet types and finishes, counters, lighting, workflow…there are all sorts of guides available and advice is endless.  In the end, however, it is a personal choice that is totally perfect…for you…

Out with the old, leaving a clean canvas for the electricians, plumbers and carpenters to do their thing…I can hardly wait to dirty my first dish…



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