New Foods “Curry” Favor With Vegaint…


A vegan nutrition plan pretty much assures that, if you want your palate to be stimulated, you will have to be willing to follow James Tiberius Kirk, and “boldly go where no man (at least me) has gone before…”, with respect to food choices.

Before August 2013, there were a lot of foods that I simply was not interested in.  This is not to say I am a picky eater.  In fact, I have always considered myself to have a rather sophisticated palate.  Most of the foods I avoided, I didn’t consider mainstays of any diet.

Flash forward 9 months to May 2014.  My paradigms have shifted so much, that I am not not only avoiding certain foods, but actively seeking out new foods to try…and frequently find I like!  To wit, here is a list of foods I formerly disliked, or never tried because I thought I wouldn’t like them, that are now part of my evolving palate:

1. Kale – pretty much have daily as a major juice ingredient, and also in salads, sandwiches, lasagna, sauteed, etc.

2. Black Olives – who knew these beauties would end up in my mouth?

3.  Curry – a rather new acquired taste…just had some unbelievable vegan roti the other day, prepared at this neighborhood joint – esta rico!

4.  Falafel – Never tried it before recently…I guess the name was just…weird…

5.  Coconut – could not stand it before…now?  Bring it on…

6.  Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Parsnips…juicing has opened up a wide food horizon…

7.  Tofu – in its normal rubbery, jiggly state, not really a fan…however, frozen, thawed, pressed several times, and crumbled, fantastic…

8.  Hummus – before…meh…now?  I enjoy making and eating it…

9.  Quiche – it was OK, but not something I craved.  Now, I make a wicked good mushroom spinach quiche with cashew – macadamia cheese and pressed tofu.

10.  Beets – before?  Uh..NEVER…  Now?  Still acquiring the taste, but slowly growing on me…

Go ahead…color outside the lines…happy exploring…




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