Back in the saddle again….

DSC05582clean slatenew kitchen 1new kitchen 2


Whew….nine months later, we have a new kitchen…

Was it worth the wait, absurd cost and hassle?  Big 10-4…

I have no regrets about the project, design or hardware (so far…).  We used the same footprint, and added 50% more storage, while opening up the entire house.  The island and pot rack are a true joy to use.  As a side benefit of having 9 months to contemplate our new kitchen, we spent a lot of that time evaluating what we need and what we could do away with.  We also decided that a cluttered kitchen was no gouda.  We purchased some nifty chrome roll out shelves for the cabinets.  This allows storage of everything we used to have on the counter tops.  Now, the only items on our counters are 1) a coffee maker, 2) a dish drainer and 3) paper towel holder.  I even put a couple towel bars inside the sink base so that towels are not in sight.  It all looks so clean… also forces us to keep it tidy, and it’s not hard to do…

As for cooking in la nueva cucina?  Fantastico!!!  My first experience with an induction range has been an epiphany…talk about precise control…and negligible ambient heat thrown off.  The only unknown was whether our 30+ year old Saladmaster cookware would work on it.  A magnet adhered to the pans, but research showed that the older Saladmaster might be temperamental with an induction range.  Alas, it did not want to work.  So, I put the whole 16 piece set on Ebay and sold it for $500.  Bought a few specific items (covered 13″ stainless chef’s pan/wok, 11 X 17″ stainless griddle, 8 quart stainless stock pot, 6 quart stainless pressure cooker) to supplement my collection of enameled cast iron pieces.  Let’s just say that I never thought carmelizing onions would be so cool…

Convection oven?  Wow…I cooked my way through college, and the restaurant I worked at had convection ovens, but that was 30 years ago.  I made vegan lasagna last weekend in the new oven.  Extraordinary.  Perfectly baked, evenly cooked, beautiful browning vs burning.

We ate out quite a bit during the construction…this exposed me to a lot of new ideas to try…stay tuned…




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