My Induction Into Carmelized Onions

Our new induction range is really quite splendid. Being from Chicago, I grew up using natural gas in the kitchen. It was not until we headed south to F-L-A in ’06, that we faced the reality that electric stoves were the norm. Doh!!! Over time, I got used to electric. I never embraced it, but I formed a shaky alliance. I knew what to try with abandon, and what to pass on…

Carmelizing onions gave me fits on an electric stove. The best carmelized onions com from very low, even and constant temperature cooking for the most part, which is dicey on an electric stove. They turned out pretty good, just not GRRRRREAT!!, as Tony The Tiger would say…

This new Samsung induction range is making me brave. I still feel like an infant around it, but I feel excited, nay, giddy about what culinary enjoyment lies ahead. I have only been playing around with it in the evening over the past week, so this is more akin to warm ups. However, my experiences bode well for some serious, 4 – 5 hours cooking sessions over the coming weekends.

I have slow sauteed onions every night this week, experimenting with different amounts of EVOO, various types of sea salt and other spices, herns, garlic etc. The precision of the induction range is remarkable. It. Is. Constant. There is no up and down, hotter and colder. I set it at 3.5, and it cooks at 3.5. I push power boost, and withinseconds, the pan contents are dancing to the high powered heat. I shut of the burner, and everything stops. W.O.Wow… (note: the pic below is a stock photo…I was too busy enjoying cooking to think about a picture)



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