Things I miss since becoming Vegetarian/Vegan…


(Vegan Lasagna)

Since becoming vegetarian, then mostly vegan beginning in August 2013, I rarely pine for specific foods any more.  I am grateful that the sugar addiction affecting most of us is gone.  Forever.  I have no desire whatsoever for dessert or candy any more.  The same for meat, although when traveling in Ecuador every July, I will have an occasional ceviche pescado as a treat.  What I miss are textures found in omnivorous diets, such as the texture of ground beef in chili or the absolute creaminess in macaroni and cheese.  The absence of these textures pushes me to seek vegetarian and vegan ingredient alternatives that will result in approximating those textures (and tastes), while maintaining my desired vegetarian/vegan nutrition.  Not an easy thing.  Butter, eggs and cheese are hard to replicate.  However, I have had some success so far (IMHO, which is totally subjective):

Chili sin Carne

Vegan Lasagna

Macaroni & “Cheese”

Vegan quiche

It is said that the journey can be more enjoyable than the destination, and this is certainly true for me…

Saturday, February 21, 2015


18 oz cold pressed apple-carrot-kale-cucumber-parsnip-turmeric juice

20 oz black coffee

96 oz water


1/2 cup quinoa flakes cooked in filtered water

handful raw mixed nuts

handful raisins

2 kosher dill halves

Vegan lasagna

soft pretzel

Vegetarian pizza


11,000 steps, cleaning house top to bottom


6.5 hours, 92% efficiency, 1.5 hrs deep sleep

Overall Feeling

a little stiff, truth be told…


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