Quinoa should be a staple in everyone’s nutrition…

quinoa amino acids

(courtesy benbu.com/quinoa benefits)

JET and I were first introduced to quinoa during a hike on the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu, Peru in June 2008.  This was a grueling 3 day, 28 mile hike to altitudes as high as 15,000 feet.  The cooks served it to us 3 times a day – hot cereal for breakfast, in soup for lunch and like rice for dinner.  It is filling, satisfying, energizing and relatively inexpensive.  You can buy it in seed form, flake form like oats and even flour for baking and other uses.  A friend of ours, an amateur brewer, is considering brewing some beer with quinoa.

Here are 18 benefits of eating quinoa…

18 Health & Nutritional Benefits of Quinoa (see the link below for detail on each)


  1. Contains All Amino Acids
  2. High in Fiber
  3. High in Iron
  4. High in Magnesium
  5. High in Riboflavin
  6. Rich in Manganese
  7. Contains Lysine
  8. Has Antiseptic Properties
  9. Supports a Gluten-Free Diet
  10. Low on the Glycemic Index
  11. Contains Flavonoids
  12. Helps You Avoid Getting Fat
  13. Good Source of B Vitamins
  14. Potentially Anti-Inflammatory
  15. Helps Lower Cholesterol
  16. Helps Lower Blood Pressure
  17. Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  18. Supports Weight Loss Efforts

Sunday, February 22, 2015


18 oz cold pressed apple-carrot-kale-cucumber-parsnip-turmeric juice

20 oz black coffee

112 oz water


9 banana walnut quinoa yuca pancakes with pure organic maple syrup

vegetarian Pizza

arugula salad with thin sliced tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cucumber, portobello mushroom, shredded carrot and feta/blue cheese, with valsamic vinagrette

organic rice fettucini pasta with garlic, red pepper, lemon and sea salt and finely diced rtomatoes


7,000 steps


6 hrs 51 minutes, 2.5 hrs deep sleep, 90% efficiency

Overall Feeling



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