The Best Sandwich You’ve Probably Never had…

Vegetarian/vegan sandwiches sometimes get unfairly criticized, even ridiculed.  This is not necessarily undeserved.  I have tasted some veggie sandwiches that were, well, not so good.  JET and I have always liked sandwiches, and I have worked on techniques for making healthy, delicious vegan sandwiches for the last 18 months.  OK, maybe they won’t ever replace your favorite Cuban Sandwich, but they are pretty damn good… I give you….The Sal-wich – a salad in a sandwich… WP_20150224_009


  1. whole grain organic bread
  2. extra virgin olive oil
  3. cashew cheese spread ( mine is indused with cilantro and turmeric)
  4. Some type of greens (we prefer arugula)
  5. thinly sliced red onion
  6. thinly sliced cucumber
  7. thinly sliced avocado
  8. thinly sliced portobello mushroom
  9. thinly sliced tomato
  10. sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

Assembly & Cooking

  1. lay out bread slices in a shallow large frying pan; pour a dab of olive oil on each slice and flip over
  2. spread cashew cheese generously on each slice.
  3. add greens to each slice and gently press to adhee to cashew cheese.
  4. add red onion, 4-5 strands on each slice.
  5. add 3-4 cucumber slices.
  6. add 3-4 avocado slices.
  7. sea salt & ground pepper to taste.
  8. add 2 clices mushroom.
  9. add 3-4 slices tomato.
  10. place othe slice of bread on top;  add dab of olive oil.
  11. cook over medium heat with a sandwich press or other heavy item to weigh sandwiches down. (4-5 minutes)
  12. Turn when golden brown; please sandwich press back on sandwiches. (2-3 minutes)
  13. Remove from heat;  slice in half corner to corner.
  14. Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


36 oz cold pressed apple-carrot-kale-cucumber-parsnip-turmeric juice

20 oz black coffee

96 oz water


2/3 cup quinoa flakes

handful raw mixed nuts

handful raisins

handful raw mixed nuts (snack)

Sal-wich sandwiches

handful tortilla chips

Exercise 7,400 steps, ran 2 miles

Sleep 6.75 hours, 1 hr deep sleep, 93% efficiency

Overall Feeling determined and on a roll…


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