In Cashew Didn’t know It, This Versatile Nut Can Fill Many Roles…


I have loved cashews since I was a little tike, and still do to this day.  However, it was only in the last 18 months that I have come to fully appreciate the versatility of the humble cashew.  First a little about them from the folks at Wikipedia:

“The cashew nut is served as a snack or used in recipes, like other nuts, although it is actually a seed (whoa, who knew???). 

The shell of the cashew nut yields derivatives that can be used in many applications from lubricants to paints, and other parts of the tree have traditionally been used for snake-bites and other folk remedies.

Originally native to northeastern Brazil, the tree is now widely grown in tropical regions, India and Nigeria being major producers,[1] in addition to Vietnam, the Ivory Coast, and Indonesia.

Cashew nuts are a popular snack and food source. Cashews, unlike other oily tree nuts, contain starch to about 10% of their weight. This makes them more effective than other nuts in thickening water-based dishes such as soups, meat stews, and some Indian milk-based desserts. Many southeast Asian cuisines use cashews for this unusual characteristic, rather than other nuts.

Raw cashews are the best all the great nutrients and good fats without the additional processing.  great as snacks, but that’s just the beginning.  Cashew milk can be made thick or thin, infused with a myriad of flavors and works very well as a dairy milk substitute in most any recipe.  Cashew cheese can likewise be made in varying thickness, and range from sweet to tart and spicy.  It makes a great replacement for butter or mayonnaise on sandwiches, and is a tasty topping for stuffed acorn squash or baked potatoes.

I hope you will gain as much of an appreciation for this splendid food as I have…buon appetito!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


36 oz cold pressed apple-carrot-kale-cucumber-parsnip-turmeric juice

20 oz black coffee

112 oz water


Handful raw mixed nuts, handful raisions, 2/3 cup quinoa flakes

handful raw mixed nuts

arugula salad with thin sliced tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cucumber, portobello mushroom, shredded carrot and feta/blue cheese, with valsamic vinagrette

stuffed acorn squash

handful tortilla chips


7,000 steps


6 hrs, 1.5 hrs deep sleep, 88% efficiency

Overall Feeling

A little tired today


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