Things Noticed Since Adopting Plant-Based Nutrition…

Since JET and  I adopted our plant-based diet in August 2013, we have noticed a number of things:

  • It is far easier to clean dishes and the overall kitchen…no animal grease to deal with.
  • We have reduced our garbage footprint due to using way less processed and packaged foods.
  • We each healthy, generous meals, yet never feel stuffed, bloated and ready for a nap.
  • My complexion is remarkably improved.
  • Since breaking our processed sugar addiction, we no longer get those sugar highs (and crashes…).
  • My energy level is high, I sleep well, and my immune system is extremely resilient.

I know that the great debate between carnivorous, omnivorous, plant-based, vegan, and other nutrition plans will continue to rage on.  It seems like there is a new story every day telling us what and what not to eat.  I sometimes read them, most of the time ignore them.  I only need look at my latest blood panel from October 2014 to know that we are on the right path.  Keep it simple.  If any of the items in your meals have more than a few ingredients, or chemicals that you can’t pronounce, they are probably not the best choice.  If you adopt a plant based diet and mix it up day in and day out, you will get all of the nutrition your body craves, and you will know it.  You  will sleep better, get up without much effort and have plenty of energy to start each day.  It’s a process full of new foods and flavors, and can seem daunting.  We never set out to become vegans or vegetarians.  I wanted to lose some weight, and JET also wanted to possibly go more plant-based for other reasons.  We decided on a 15 day juice fast.  No huge goals, no radical changes.  Just some baby steps.  Well, those baby steps turned into big strides and finally huge paradigm shifts to where we are today.

It works for us, and I hope our experience inspires others to give it a try…

Thursday, February 26, 2015


4 oz pickle juice (post run)

36 oz cold pressed apple-carrot-kale-cucumber-parsnip-turmeric juice

20 oz black coffee

112 oz water


Handful raw mixed nuts, handful raisions, 2/3 cup quinoa flakes

handful raw mixed nuts (snack)

vegan macaroni & cheese, with crumbled tofu, red onion, sweet onion, arugula, mushrooms, avocado, tomato

handful tortilla chips


9,700 steps includng 3 mile run


6.5, 3 hrs deep sleep, 90% efficiency

Overall Feeling

Ready for a great Friday and the weekend…


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